When the Kids are Away…

My dear friend, Deb, offered to take both kids on a sleepover yesterday and I promise you, as soon as they drove out of our driveway, I yelled with my arms high in the air, “We’re free! WE’RE FREEEEE!”

They got picked up at five and it wasn’t until eight that Brant & I left for the start of our date. In the three hour time frame that we were at home, I’d say that we were pretty productive: We recorded the video announcements for church on Sunday, Brant edited those announcements, as well as other photos he’s been working on, and while he was busy working without interruption in a quiet house, I was busy laying in my bed catching up on my shows – uninterrupted. In a quiet house. See? We both were busy and productive last night. 😉

We ended up going to a spot we regularly end up at on date nights, the Bear Tooth. We’ve been doing a Keto lifestyle since the end of May, and I don’t know if it’s because we knew the kids weren’t going to be home when we got there or what, but we went crazy. Crazy with our food choice, that is. For the first time in almost two months, everything I ordered was NOT Keto friendly. We shared chicken nachos (with beans on corn chips- gasp!), chicken skewers (that are lightly breaded and deep fried- gah!), and the cherry on top of it all was the fish tacos that came in flour tortillas with the side of GARLIC CHEESE FRIES. Y’all. We were SO NAUGHTY. 🙈 Alright, alright. And while I’m confessing to what we ate, I should probably also let you know that we shared the chocolate mousse for dessert, too! UGHH. *Covering face in shame*

We talked a bit about moving our date over to Lowe’s to get stuff for our rental property, but we decided against that and came home. Normally, I would have suggested we do something else like head to the Carousel, our new favorite dive bar on Spenard, or go see a movie. But I was A-OK with heading home, taking off my bra and putting on the comfiest, most hideous pair of leggings I own, a t-shirt and wrapping my hair up on the top of my head with a scrunchy. And that’s what I did. Is this was adulting has come to? Because if wanting that was wrong, then I didn’t want to be right. We did a quick photo shoot for a project we’re working on for Far North Fashion’s Instagram page when we got home, and then we watched a movie together.

In two weeks, we celebrate being married for 12 years. TWELVE YEARS!!! And I can honestly say that being married to my best friend is like being on a roller coaster – and not in a bad way. Throughout our 12 years of marriage, we have experienced our low points (and I mean L-O-W, low) as well as our high points. And I’m not going to tell you that I’m expecting it to coast the rest of our life together, because that’s not real. I’d say we’re enjoying a high part together right now but I’m in this to ride out any future lows. I’m not getting off this ride. ❤️

It does help, though, when I’m going crazy with the kids, that Brant sends me to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale to get things that I’ve been wanting. (It’s true. He did do that. And I took him up on it OF COURSE).

I picked up a few things like this camel cocoon cardi:


I got it for under $32.

I snagged those checkered slip on Vans that I’ve been eyeing all summer, but they’re not part of the sale. But you can find them here:


I also picked up a blouse and a tee but you’ll have to continue following me on either Facebook or Instagram to see those finds. 🙂

Stay tuned to my page. Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve got a project we’re working on and I’m sorry I’m being so top secret about it, but I can’t wait until it’s finished!

I hope you have a great weekend! See you next time!



7/2 Outfit

My husband and I really try to make date nights a regular thing. We’ve been doing it our whole marriage. Sometimes a few weeks go by and life happens and the dates just don’t happen. But we were crazy lucky last week to have a nanny stay with us for the week while Brant was on call and I was taking a choir nerd class to help with the kids. Since I was out of the house by 7 am, our nanny thought it would be easiest to just spend the nights with us and she stayed the whole week. WE LOVED IT!! Not only were my littles in good hands, but after we put the kids to bed at night, Brant & I took advantage of having the lovely Kiara at the house, and we went on THREE dates that week! 🙌🏼

One of the dates started as a photo shoot (but we ended the evening with drinks at 49th State). I packed about 5 different outfits and we hit up a few different locations downtown Anchorage for our shoot. He’s not done editing all the looks but I’ve been DYING to see the finished product on the look I posted today. They turned out so good, y’all! And I can’t wait to see the rest of the edited pics of the other looks that night! I begged and hinted for a week for him to get this look done. He’s been flying a whole bunch so I get it. I’ve been patient. He finished these edits around 1 this morning and I’m in LOVE. Here are a few more of today’s look.

I mean, seriously, you guys. I CANT.

The coat is over 2 years old. One year for Christmas, I told everybody I wanted a Nordstrom gift card and pooled my gift card gifts to get this coat. Such a great investment. I don’t think I spent more than $20 out of pocket for this closet staple when it was all said and done.


Unfortunately, it’s sold out. But keep an eye out for it to see if they restock this bad boy.

Here’s a similar style that’s currently on sale (and is a lot cheaper than what Nordstrom sells).


The rest of the pieces are from the Holy Land, Target. I got the shirt in a small because I was looking for a more fitted look. It’s currently on sale for 20% off and, well you know the shpeel (Save 5% if you use your Red Card. I swear, Target should be paying me or something!).


The fun striped skirt is from their Who What Wear collection. I’m wearing a medium. And guess what? That, TOO, is also on sale for 20% off. Side note: if you click the link, know that I am SO GLAD I didn’t pair it with a striped top like the model. Ummm, no.


And last, but definitely not least, are the shoes. When I was packing for the photo shoot/date night, I had originally packed some black mules/slides to wear with this outfit. But when we got downtown, I felt the fashion gods speaking to me, “Lesli. Save the mules for fall. Show your toes while you can…” They spoke and I listened, folks. I’ll link the mules for you, too.



YOU GUYS. Check this out!!!

EVERYTHING IS 20% OFF RIGHT NOW!! If you do go out and end up getting any of the pieces in today’s post, now’s the time to get them. And then if you do get them, find me (and follow me!) on Instagram at @farnorthfashion or on Facebook (search Far North Fashion), take a picture of your fine self, and tag me in your post!

Thanks for reading! I’ll be linking this week’s looks once my hubby finishes the edits. AHEM, Brant. *cough, cough*

See you next time!


National Selfie Day? Challenge accepted.

So, not only is today Summer Solstice, but it’s also National Selfie Day. Hm. Who knew? Until I got on Instagram and saw my entire feed full of selfies followed by the hashtag #nationalselfieday, I had no idea that was even a thing. I did a little bit of research and found that today is also a list of other “national” or “world” days to celebrate. And since I found this information on the internet, you know it has to be true. Here they are:

  • Anne and Samantha Day
  • Atheist Solidarity Day
  • Cuckoo Warning Day (Does this have anything to do with the previous one?)
  • Go Skateboarding Day
  • International Day of Yoga
  • International Surfing Day
  • National Daylight Appreciation Day
  • National Dump the Pump Day
  • National Peaches and Cream Day
  • National Seashell Day
  • National Selfie Day
  • National Recess at Work Day
  • First Day of Summer
  • The Longest Day
  • World Giraffe Day
  • World Handshake Day
  • World Humanist Day
  • World Music Day (<– My FAVEEE!)

(I found all of these on http://www.checkiday.com)

Ok. Well SINCE it’s the first official day of summer and SINCE the weather today in Anchorage currently blows and SINCE it’s National Selfie Day and SINCE I recently got new super cute rose gold frames, I’m going to fill today’s post up with selfies I took this week at Makar, my local eye care place- they have the BEST selection of frames in Anchorage. I went in to adjust my sunnies and ended picking up these gorgeous frames and ordering a new pair of sunnies. 😎

I LOOOOOOOVE THESE! My husband thinks they’re extra but I don’t care. They’re fun and over sized and the frames cover my eyebrows which are uneven (if you look closely, you can see that my eyebrows are crooked. One eyebrow is higher than the other! Okay, stop looking at my brows and just focus on the gorgeous rose gold frames!). I love them so much, here they are again!

You’re looking at my uneven brows, aren’t you? Well stop looking at them and notice that I’m making the duck face. I’m 37 and I made the duck face! Whatever. Ok now look at those gorgeous frames! They’re Michael Kors frames and the style number is MK3018 -for reference if you want to order them at your local eye care place. Or you can get them here for less than $70 and get a way better deal than I did because they WEREN’T on sale when I ordered them. Ugh.


If you’re in Anchorage and do end up going to Makar to get new frames, I highly recommend you see Soo to help get you set up. She’s so fun and stylish and super patient. She showed me her frames that she had in her desk and let me try them on. She called these her “airport glasses.” She said she only wears them when she travels.

They’re pretty cute, huh? They’re Gucci. And let me tell you, I felt Gucci.

Oh what the heck. Here’s another duck face. In the name of National Selfie Day, after all.

I initially went in to Makar to adjust my Raybans because I thought they were crooked and needed adjusting. Turns out, it wasn’t the glasses. IT WAS MY FACE. These dang crooked eyebrows. Soo suggested we swap out the classic Raybans I got from there last month and do something fun, using a pair that cover my brows so that my frames will hide my uneven brows and won’t appear crooked. Ummm GENIUS. So. The first pair she showed me were Fendi and cost just under $400 and, though I loved them, I couldn’t spend that much on them. So she went straight for these almost identical Kate Spade ones and I died.

(Duck face) I COULD AFFORD THESE! After insurance, I only paid $14 out of pocket for these bangin’ sunnies. Holla!

They’ll be ready for pick up in 2-3 weeks.

That’s it, folks, for today. I hope you spend today doing something fun. I’m meeting up later with a girlfriend and her kids and taking my littles to the museum. Hop on my IG story later today to see some videos of us. Happy Thursday!